Phenomenal Growth Pushes Forney Schools to the Top of the Class


When you’re a student or the parent of a school-aged child living in the master-planned community of Devonshire located east of Dallas, in Forney, it’s pretty easy to get excited about getting back to school in the fall. The reasons for this are many, but the foundation for this enthusiasm is found in the unprecedented growth of the city and the overwhelming support of residents' approval of a historic bond package to ensure the exemplary Forney ISD just gets better and better.

The latest U.S. Census figures, released in August 2021, reveal an amazing transformation of this once sleepy farm community - founded in 1873 - into one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic regions in the country.

As noted in this news report “Forney saw the largest growth, an estimated 97.1%, increasing their population from 14,661 a decade ago, to approximately 23,455 on April 1, 2020, according to the Census data. As for the state, Texas’ population grew by 16% from 2010 to 2020. This makes Forney one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Texas under 50,000 people.

“It is estimated that the median household income for Kaufman County (home to Forney, Terrell, and other communities) is $70,107. Those numbers are drastically different across the county. For instance, the average median household in Forney is $102,716.

This is a remarkable story of growth and is due to a greater proliferation of employment opportunities nearby, easy access to shopping, cultural, and entertainment destinations in Dallas  and the shift of residential preferences to communities such as Devonshire.

Growth = Educational Resources 

This historical growth of Forney, combined with a commitment of residents to quality schools was evident in the most recent school bond passage.

This local news website reported, “After board approval in the spring of 2020, the Forney Independent School District (ISD) announced their four-year construction plan — calling for the construction of six new campuses and improvements to several other district facilities.

“The plan comes after Forney ISD district voters approved a monumental $623 million facilities bond in November 2019 at a rate of approximately 73-percent approval. The bond referendum, according to the district, was to address the district's ever-growing enrollment in one of Texas', and the nation's, fastest-growing counties.

In 2021, Forney ISD projects the district projects to open the Jerry and Helen Griffin Elementary School in the Devonshire community off Ravenhill Road.

The district also projects the opening of the Tony A. Jackson Middle School on Farm-to-Market (FM) 740 and the Tim V. Rhodes Intermediate School are also proposed on the same district-owned property, projected to open the same year.

An Innovative Curriculum: “irl” (In Real Life)

It’s amazing what financial resources, committed parents, and a forward-thinking administration can come up with in the way of rich curricula. A press statement from the Forney ISD explains a new program that would most likely not be available in public education.

“Forney Independent School District is introducing a new program for intermediate and middle school students focused on developing a plan and purpose for each student. The course title, “irl” (In Real Life), is designed to engage students with future-ready tools and a curriculum created to lay the foundation for each student’s success.

“This program is designed to get our students excited about their future,” said Forney ISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry.  “Our teachers, staff, community, students, and alumni have all expressed a need for students to pursue future interests and help them develop a vision to better prepare them for the real world. We are ready to take on this initiative.”

“The IRL course inspired as a text message abbreviation for “in real life,” includes student development of real-life skills such as communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership, and personal and business finance. In addition, students will learn about personal strengths, explore future careers, and learn about components related to entrepreneurship. 

“All students in 5th-8th grade will be enrolled in this course with dedicated teachers trained in the program. This custom-designed curriculum was built in collaboration with local, state, and national leading experts in personal development. Students will take this course each day throughout these formative years. Students in 7th and 8th grade will earn one high school credit for each year of successful course completion.” 

Are Schools Important to You?

The lush landscaping, terrific amenities, and friendly neighbors are only a part of the “package” for residents of the master-planned community of Devonshire. State-of-the-art educational facilities, caring teachers, and visionary administrators are helping a new generation of children excel in life.

If great schools are on your “must-have” list for your family, Devonshire might be the perfect place to call home. Click here for more information.