Got Kids? They are Going to Love Devonshire!

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While mom and dad may be reviewing and signing all of the important documents for a new home, there is little doubt that the kids in the family are helping to drive the home-buying process. A recent article from real estate behemoth Zillow makes a compelling argument that “kid-friendly” features in the home, walkable neighborhoods, and amenities that children love (such as pools) have a sizable impact on both the value and time-on-the-market of homes. 

This analysis is more evidence for the popularity of Devonshire, a master-planned community located east of Dallas in Forney.  

Research Rules

According to the Zillow research, “Listing keywords indicating nearby parks, bonus space, and pools are some of the hottest for attracting home shopping families.

  • Families should expect to pay more for kid-friendly features, with listings that mention “treehouse” or “garage” associated with a 2.2% sale premium.” (Who knew? A treehouse? Really? Yes, because kids need safe places to play.)
  • Kid-friendly homes are also selling quicker than expected. Homes with a backyard mentioned in the listing description are selling more than five days faster. 

“Buyers looking to snag a child-friendly home near a park or with a treehouse better be prepared to act fast."

“Highlighting outdoor, family-friendly features in online listing descriptions helps homes sell more quickly than when indoor amenities are highlighted, a clear signal of the high demand families place on outdoor space. Listings mentioning a backyard sold 5.2 days faster than expected, and homes featuring a sandbox (4.5 days quicker) and playground (2.5 days) also sold more quickly.  

The research also noted the importance of a family-friendly community, such as Devonshire.  

“Community amenities that make a neighborhood fun for kids are also highly prized by families. Listing keywords indicating nearby parks, cul de sac, and community pools help identify common areas where kids can make new friends and play outside and are also associated with homes that sell between two and four days quicker than expected. Additionally, homes in a “walkable” neighborhood tend to sell 3.9 days faster than expected, meaning families want these amenities to be close by and accessible.  

Kids Love Living Here 

The kids who are lucky enough to live in Devonshire NEVER run out of cool things to do! Hike and bike trails meander throughout the community, running the length of greenbelts and around the fishing ponds. There are numerous pocket parks and green spaces that reflect the natural beauty of the area, and they provide plenty of room to have fun, chill, and make some new friends. 

The Club at Devonshire is designed to encourage residents and their children to meet neighbors and enjoy the great outdoors. There is a large swimming pool, a splash pool, a covered pavilion with a fireplace and grilling area, an events lawn, and playgrounds that brings residents of all ages together for days of fun in the Texas sun.  

While they might not always admit it, kids also enjoy all the activities and hanging with friends at the top-rated Forney elementary, middle and high schools. All these schools are within five miles of the Devonshire entrance gate. 

With its spacious lots, the homes in Devonshire have plenty of room for a great backyard. These can accommodate sports and play areas, patios for outdoor grilling, and, yes, even a treehouse. 

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly place to call home, call us and let us show you, Devonshire.