Cookin’ Up Some Fun at Devonshire!

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Every parent who has ever checked in on their sleeping child has experienced this universal emotion. “This sweet, little person is a miracle,” they think. “What did we DO before they came into our life?” Of course, just like clockwork, the next morning an alarm goes off and the organized chaos of life with children begins with gusto.

For the families that have chosen to live in one of the most kid-friendly communities in North Texas - Devonshire - things may still be chaotic, but the non-stop fun makes for less noise and more laughter! This master-planned community, located just east of Dallas in the charming community of Forney, has become well-known for its exemplary schools, extraordinary amenities, friendly neighborhood, and kids…LOTS of kids.

In addition to the hike and bike trails that meander throughout the community, running the length of greenbelts and around the fishing ponds, there are numerous pocket parks and green spaces that reflect the natural beauty of the area, and they provide plenty of room to have fun and make some new friends. Plus, the Club at Devonshire is designed to encourage residents and their kids to meet neighbors and enjoy the mild climate of the area. The large swimming pool, splash pool, grilling area, and playgrounds all bring Devonshire neighbors together.  

Even with all these “outside” attractions, sometimes it rains or gets too chilly for kids to ride a bike or toss a football with their buds. This is when some indoor fun is called for. For many families, teaching kids to cook has become a “go-to” activity.

Why and How to Teach Your Child to Cook

Okay. Okay. You may be thinking, “Are you outta your mind? My kids invented the phrase: THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MESS!”

Many parents have found that teaching their kids to cook is not only fun but beneficial. According to this article in New York Magazine, “When you cook with your kids, you’re teaching them — not just about food, but basic math, fine motor skills, multitasking, and time management. 

“Plus, if you have a picky eater, including them in the process can help get them excited about new foods. According to Chiara D’Amore-Klaiman, a cheese expert at Murray’s Cheese and parent to a 3-year-old, ‘Children are much more likely to eat something they have helped prepare. As soon as a child can walk, they can begin to help out in the kitchen.’”

The challenge of this worthwhile, culinary training is ensuring that the child has fun and wants to do this again and again. For this, the experts featured in this article offered some tips about child-appropriate cooking tools.

It may take a few years before that little sweetheart of yours is making Coq au Vin for the family dinner, but at the very least, they will be able to make their own sandwich. Here are some safe, well-made kitchen tools that are perfect for getting your child ready for his or her (future) show on The Food Network. 

  • I’m a Big Helper Counter Stool for Kids - If they can’t reach the counter, little kids can’t get in on the fun. This one is sold at several stores (e.g., Walmart) for about $200.
  • R&M Mini Potato Masher - Is there anything more fun than mashing potatoes or bananas for banana bread? We think not. This one sells for $9 on Amazon.
  • Farberware Pump Spinner - This little salad spinner is great for putting that kid's energy to great use. Only $24 on Amazon.
  • Cuisinart Set of 3 Mini Baking Tools - This set includes a kid-sized whisk, spatula, and pastry brush that absolutely ROCK the house! Amazon has them for $18.
  • OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls - These OXO mixing bowls with rubber on the bottom, which keeps them from hopping across the table when you’re whisking something (which is ALWAYS a good thing!). They're a little pricey at $63 from Amazon, but worth it when the mess-clean-up-calculation is made!
  • Flour Shop Multi-Colored Measuring Spoons (set of 4) - A cool collaboration between Williams Sonoma and Flour Shop Bakery that kids will absolutely dig. Available from Williams Sonoma for $13.
  • Whetstone Woodenware Child’s Rolling Pin - It’s simple, really. You can’t bake if you don’t roll some dough. This little beauty doesn’t cost much dough, only $11 at Whetstone Woodenware.
  • Little Kitchen Helper Knife Set - The parent/chef experts believe that with proper supervision, a real knife is safer than a plastic toy knife. This set has all kinds of safety features, and it costs $49 at Uncommon Goods or Food 52.

A Great Place to Be a Kid

Outside or inside, kids love to live in Devonshire. There are just so many places to explore, so many friends to make and SO much fun to have. If you and your family are looking for that forever home, where your children will build lifetime memories, Devonshire should be on your list. 

Just click here and tell us when you want to cook up a little visit!